Paperwhites in Bloom



I was so excited about the Paperwhites when I did that post that I decided to see if I could get them to bloom at my house.


I took a couple of old vases that had been my grandmother’s and added my dad’s childhood marbles for root support.


After a couple of weeks of watering they sprouted and now they have very pretty blooms! They grew so well I have had to stake them with rubber bands and skewers.


Well, they all have blooms except for this one that I put in the silver pitcher (with an old vase instead into that) with the mossy root support that the Paperwhites came with. It would seem that the Paperwhites like the marbles better.


Anyway, this was easy to do and took little time. Happy planting!


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  1. They look fabulous! I know I told you my Mom used to do this at holiday time and the house smelled so strong for a week! Another good bulb to force is the hyacinth, which comes in lovely pinks and purples. Maybe save that one for spring!

  2. Thanks Elise! I will definitely do that. I thought of how you told me your mom would have some sort of a stand or something for the Paperwhites to lean against when they got too tall. I should have asked you more about it!

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