New Year’s Eve 1945 at the Supper Club



The Southern Gent’s office has a fun holiday party each year. This year was at the . . .


Riviera on King Street in downtown Charleston.


Such a cool venue!


This year they had a live band that was outstanding! The lady in the middle could sing Katy Perry and Eta James and do both very well. As for the guys, they were great entertainers and could sing anything from country to big band to AC/DC. I can’t say enough about this band.


There was even a caricature artist – a very cool touch. In the past couple of years they have had the Olive Photo Booth but that was not around in 1945 so the caricature artists were an excellent substitute.


Since it was themed, we decided to really get into the spirit of things.

The Goodwill yielded my dress for $6. I bought black, elbow length gloves for $10 from a costume shop. I had vintage costume jewelry and a clutch courtesy of my grandma Donna. I had a pair of black, leather pumps with a sturdy heel (very reminiscent of that time) and a faux fur and velvet floor length coat (circa New Year’s Eve 1999 in San Francisco when everyone thought the world was coming to an end) to complete the outfit.

For my make-up, I went to CVS and got some Wet-n-wild RED lipstick ($2), black mascara ($3), black, liquid eyeliner ($2) and some hardy foundation ($3). Finally for my hair, I watched a couple of tutorials by Cherry Dollface on youtube (she has some great tutorials on pin-up hair). Now, I also had to buy a curling iron which was twenty bucks but all together my outfit was $46 (including the curling iron). You can’t beat that!


For The Southern Gent, I got his tie ($3), suspenders ($3) and hat ($6) at the Goodwill store. We got the idea for his look from watching an Expert Village tutorial on youtube. He already had a good pair of navy, flat front trousers and of course a standard, white button-up shirt. For his shoes he wore a pair of brown slip-ons. I could not find any lace-ups or wing-tips that were more in keeping with the period. His outfit totaled $12 – nice!


All together, this made for a great evening. The holiday party next year has a lot to live up to.

Hope you have a great Saturday.


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