The Teal Chair


The Teal Chair

The Teal Chair is a chair I found in a neighborhood in May this year. I tried to clean the upholstery but it was clear that whoever had it before had smoked and I was not going to be able to get rid of that smell.

Now that several months have past, I have decided to tackle this reupholstering project. So, I looked at couple of posts and bought a tool.

Now, this post is only the first stages but I wanted to tell you what I have already learned thus far.

First thing, you get what you pay for.

Second thing, old furniture have stories to tell.


I will get this out of the way up front, I paid four bucks for my staple puller and I got what I paid for. I will be buying a new one before my next project. My needle nose pliers were instrumental in these beginning stages however. Make sure you have a pair on hand when you start pulling staples.


First, I pulled off the cording around edges of the chair. This exposed the staples. I pulled all of those out around the side of the back of the chair and underneath was this layer of batting.


Once that batting was removed I discovered there was a layer of flowered fabric holding in place . . .


another layer of batting.


From there, I removed the front panel of upholstery, and the layer of batting underneath.


There I discovered this chair’s story.

Once upon a time this chair was covered in a rose colored, rose patterned upholstery. I kind of like it. It makes you wonder who chose that upholstery? What room did the chair go in in someone’s house? Was it part of a pair? Why did they select that upholstery? Did it simply match something else in the house or did it remind them of their grandmother’s garden?


Finally, I took the bottom layer of material off and found this site underneath the chair. I don’t know if this makes the chair old or not but it sure looks like it to me.

Well, stay tuned. I will be back at this at some point and will show you what removal of the remaining layers will expose. Feel free to leave some comments with any advice on tools, removing staples, etc.


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