Gift Cards and Shipping


Brown paper packagesHave you heard the news? UPS and FedEx are going to increase their ground shipping rates 4.9% in 2013.

After paying $11 to ship a $26 gift and $18 to ship a $30 gift yesterday (and those are only two of the gifts I sent, I will spare you the rest of my examples), we will be sending more gift cards next year for Christmas.

The Southern Gent has never been a big of a fan of the gift card. He thinks it is a little impersonal. Me, I think it is a good gift. Why get something for someone when you are not sure they will like it? Give them some cash and they can pick out what they want for themselves. I sense a savy shopper on the other end of that gift giving transaction. To each his own though.

So, it was with a bit of excitement that The Southern Gent found out found for one of the gift cards we did do this year that you could personalize it! Now our mugs grace this plastic masterpiece and it is sure to warm the hearts of the parental personages that are receiving it.

If you haven’t already discovered this gifting genius yourself, check out these retailers and restaurants that offer this option (in no particular order other than what Google returned):




Texas Road House

Bonefish Grill


Barnes & Noble


Hopefully this trend will catch on over the coming year and there will be even more retailers and restaurants offering this next year. Until then, happy shopping and let me know what other places offer the design your your own gift card option.


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