December in the South


IMG_0345I made a new friend a couple of months ago. She was out walking her dog in my neighborhood. His name is Marley, named for Bob Marley. He is a five pound cutie – a Yorkshire Terrier. His person, Alyson, my new friend, stood in the street and chatted me up for thirty minutes. It was great. How often do you meet a new friend that lives down the street?

We have hung out several times since then and this past Saturday Alyson and her husband had people over to watch the Alabama v. Georgia game. It was a lot of fun. After good conversation, good football and some great sliders, we went outside and put their fire pit to use. It was in the 70s all weekend here so it was a perfect night to be outside.

The guys were a little zealous at first with the starter logs. Apparently you need three of those things to get this outdoor fire started. Once the overhead trees were no longer in danger of being set on fire (and by virtue of proximity to those same trees, the house) we sat around the pit and roasted marshmallows for Smores.

In between all this fire starting and mallow toasting, I ran home to feed the dogs – yeah, I could just run home real quick – how cool is that! On my way there I saw this . . .

IMG_0343we are still not sure if the driver was trying to park the car or just took the corner too wide.

IMG_0346Once I got back to the fire, the Smore snacking was over and the allure of burning things took hold again. The guys began to toss large logs on the fire. Any wagers on how long that baby burned? I will admit though, there is something beautiful about an outdoor fire to stand around and visit with friends.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!


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