A Room with a View


Living Room

One of the more interesting things I learned in the decorating class I took was that there is something to be said for how high you should hang a picture above the back of your couch.

Now, I was quite excited to show y’all my living room makeover but I had already learned that pieces over the couch should hang only eight to ten inches above the couch and should not be more than two-thirds the length of the piece above which it hangs.

So, I wasn’t completely satisfied with the room. Doesn’t that picture look like it wants to float away? A change had to be made.IMG_5235

And here it is.

I found that window in my neighborhood. Yes, someone had thrown it out – I rescued it. Those shutters are really one shutter split apart. I actually got four shutters at Relic’s Flea Market for $25. They are made of cypress and came off of a downtown Charleston house that was built in the late 1800s – or so I was told. If that is true, how cool is that!?

With the help of some picture hangers affixed to the back of each piece and some monkey hangers (these have revolutionized my life – if you are still using a hammer and nails, look into these), I created a room with a view – so to speak.

I thought about pushing the envelope on the two-thirds rule and actually hanging up a full shutter on either side of the window but once I got the window up I could tell that if I added the full shutters, it would have looked very top heavy above the couch.


Not content there, remember I told you that the black chair would probably not remain in the living room? Well, it went away with the dining room table and so I needed a replacement.


Thanks to Relic’s Flea Market and a $5 bill, I found my replacement chair.


I may eventually paint it but for now, I love the old handle in the back of the chair and how comfortable it is. The back of the chair hits right below my shoulder blades and nicely curves around my back. It envelopes me in great chariness!

Well, I think that is enough for now. Hope y’all have a good evening and if we don’t meet until Monday, happy weekend adventures!


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  1. Love love love the window…it really works on that large wall. I’ll send pics of the window I picked at a garage sale for 2$. I’m working on getting those pictures to you this weekend…once I figure out how 🙂

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