Christmas Decorating at the Abels


I promised to show you our tree . . . and here it is in all it’s festive glory. And yes, I have a psychedelic tree angel.

What is Christmas without some joyous snowmen, Santa Claus and an angel? My mom actually made Santa and the angel.

I learned in my decorating class that you should group only in odd numbers. Well, I am throwing caution to the wind with this bunch. I pulled the little boy on the rocking horse from Santa out at the end of my Christmas decorating spree. They have been around forever and they have to be a part of Christmas this year too.

That’s my cowboy Santa there on the right and you will see my decorating experiment there with the cookie cutters in the glass pitcher. I had to do something with them.

The spruced up centerpiece on the kitchen table. Although, those are not Spruce tree trimmings. Our Christmas tree (and thus the trimmings) is a Frasier Fur. That, I have been told to tell you, is the only tree the The Southern Gent endorses!


Lastly, and most importantly, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


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