I Love Fall


Before this year comes to a close and before fall fades into winter, I wanted to share one of my favorite things we did last year about this time.

Having only been through a corn maze one other time in my life I was excited to learn last year that Boone Hall Plantation has a corn maze and Fall Festival in Mount Pleasant. I told the Southern Gent about it and we packed into the car one weekend to see it ourselves. We had a time. We even got our carving pumpkin out there. This year we didn’t get a pumpkin and didn’t make it to the maze but we will be there next year.

There were corn plants (almost) as far as the eye could see. Once you were in the thick of it you saw . . .


After making our way through the maze (we only got lost once) we went in search of other entertainment and food. In addition to goats, rabbits, hay bales to climb on and huge tires to climb through . . .

there were also cool old tractors you could pretend to drive. See the Southern Gent over there on the right? He wanted to drive the tractor too but had to settle for inspecting it as it was already being manned.

As to the food department, there were

tomatoes . . .

gourds galore . . .

and even mums aplenty. I know, flowers aren’t technically food but work with me here.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying all that fall has to offer in your area as we all prepare for the biggest eating holiday of the year on Thursday.


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