Cookbook Wreath


I told y’all about Miss Mustard Seed’s book, Inspired You, (MMS) a couple of weeks ago and the wreath tutorial that I really liked. Well, Last Thursday I decided I would make my own wreath. As I have rearranged my living room, and am now moving onto rearranging my dining room, I had a spot above the baker in my dining room where I wanted to hang this wreath.

In MMS’s wreath tutorial in her book she used sheets of music paper. She has also used pages from an old book (click here and scroll down to see the picture of the wreath). I am getting rid of some cook books that I never look at and I thought one of them would make a great wreath and the dining room would be the perfect place to hang it.

Following MMS’s directions in her book, (you need cardboard, scissors, pencil, paper, ribbon and glue gun) here is what I did:

1) Cut a circle – 12″ diameter out of the cardboard. Cut another circle out of the center of that circle – 4″ diameter. You now have a backing to which you will affix your paper cones.

2) Take your ribbon, I actually used embroidery floss, and half it. Length of the ribbon depends on how much of the ribbon you want show above the wreath, if at all. Glue both ends of ribbon about 1″ from the “top” of the wreath. Turn the cardboard over and get ready to affix your paper cones to that side.

3) To make a paper cone, turn the paper horizontal. Put your left index finger in the middle of the bottom part of the paper. Take the bottom edge of the paper in your right hand and start rolling it in on itself. I made my cones pretty small but you can decide the size for your cones. Once you have your cone shape, glue the seam anyway you like. I glued under the seam, along the edge, etc. Play with it to see what you like.

4) Glue the paper cones on to the wreath backing. To start, put one in each of the four “corners” of the wreath. Repeat, adding four more between the four original paper cones you have already glued.

5) Repeat again and again until you have your first row down. Then start adding your second row.

6) Then do a third row. Though you don’t have to do a third. Two rows are sufficient.

7) Admire your finished product.

7) Hang it up!

I really enjoyed this project mostly because it did not require a lot of new supplies. We all probably have an old book lying around we are never going to use. If not, they can be had at the thrift store or a garage sale for cheap. No cardboard? Ask a neighbor. Somebody always has some cardboard lying around if you don’t have a spare box.

A lot of us might even have a glue gun at home. If not, I got mine for five bucks and let me tell you, glue guns have come a long way since I last used them in elementary school! I don’t know what brand this thing is but it rocks. If I could find the brand name, I would put in a plug for it here.

Finally, this was an easy project and very forgiving. I found that I could modify for my needs as I went. The finished product won’t look perfect and that is just fine. As long as the cardboard is covered up, you are doing great!

Please let me know if you have any questions or shoot MMS your questions as my cookbook wreath idea originated from her new book.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing about any wreaths you might make.


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