Do you get the Lowe’s Creative Ideas – Home Improvement Projects and DIY Ideas magazine in the mail? I love it when it comes to my house. It is fun to see what interesting things people make out of items from Lowe’s. I don’t always love all of them but it definitely makes me think!

The other night I was falling asleep (the time change has been a killer on me this year) while looking at an article in the magazine and I reread the word paperweights several times before I realize it said paperwhites.

A quick reread of the entire article revealed that a paperwhite is a plant. That would explain why I didn’t see anything holding any paper down. Yeah, I might need to brush up on my gardening knowledge.

Anyway, The article is about planting paperwhites, or Tiny Treasures, so they will bloom throughout the season.

You need:

1.) A container. Anything will work but if you need inspiration check out the pictures by Matthew Mead in the Lowe’s article.

2.) Add “root support,” about 3 inches. Again, look to the pictures. They used nuts (not the edible kind) in one container!

3.) “Nestle” bulbs on top.

4.) Add water until it reaches the base of the bulbs. Do not overfill. If the bulbs sit in water, they will rot.

5.) Keep the water at that level for about one week or until the roots are established.

6.) Flowers bloom in four to six weeks. To keep your creation pretty throughout the season, add new bulbs every two to four weeks and chuck the old bulbs whose blooms have faded.

Finally, The article notes that if you want to “[c]ure leggy stems,” you should add one part rubbing alcohol to 14 parts water when the stems are about 2 inches tall.

I hope you find this article, written by Diana Dickinson for the Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine, as helpful and fun as I did! Let me know if you try it out!


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