The Cocktail Club


Once a month I get together with a great group of women. I met some when I worked as a contract attorney, I met another one night at Muse (one of my favorite places in Charleston), and another I recently met in my own neighborhood. We usually go to a new place every month. This month we went to The Cocktail Club for a little early Hallow’s Eve Celebration.

Before tonight I had only been in this place one other time and that was for less than ten minutes. The Southern Gent and I were looking for someone and we didn’t see her so we left saying that we would come back another time. Well, tonight was that other time for me.

I love the architecture in this place. Ripped down to the original boards, this place invites you in with its rustic appeal.

Forgive me, I took the Canon with me but failed to put the memory card in the camera. These shots were taken with my i-phone.

I’m a sucker for mason jars, wooden barrels and a candle.

Throw in a good love seat, two leather chairs and a fireplace and I am all in!

If you are looking for a little fresh air though, all you have to do is open this door.

And a patio complete with old doors turned into tables is available.

As for beverages, there are several pages to choose from. The crowd favorite from our group this evening was the “Eternal Youth.” It will complete your antioxidant requirements for the day!

On a final note, make sure to check out the quotes in the menu. They are sure to make you smile.

Hope y’all had a good Thursday!


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