Every Sunday we go grocery shopping. We traverse the aisles of Publix with our E-meals Meal Plan for the week and bring home a few bags of groceries to sustain us for the next six days until the following Sunday rolls around.

Once we arrive home, David brings in the groceries and I begin the task of putting them away. This requires strategy. Our fridge is older and the door doesn’t like to stay open so I have to use a kitchen cupboard to hold it open allowing me enough room to maneuver and put the food away.

Through it all I always have a “helper.” I put this word in quotes because he really doesn’t help, he just lounges . . .

all over the grocery bags. This is Newt and he stares up at me with those big green eyes looking for attention, food, a pet perhaps – who knows. He is always there though. My kitchen companion and “helper.”

Hope you are having a great Sunday!


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