Get Fresh


On the final day of the season for the  Mount Pleasant Farmer’s Market, I decided to go and “Get Fresh with the Locals” as the sign beckons. I am always hearing about it on the radio and since they have music, I decided to see what fun could be had on a Tuesday afternoon.

Most notably, and as one would expect, they had lots of . . .

vegetables and . . .


If I hadn’t already gone to the store the day before, I would have loaded up my non-existent basket with a variety of colored orbs and green leafy stuff. As the crisper and fruit bowl were already at capacity, I pursued other indulgences.

Well, actually this one was for David. That man loves pickles! Not the sweet ones though. Luckily the Great Food Co-op had some Dilled Pickles and Habanero Chunk Pickles. I opted for the latter and David LOVED them. Best of all, the lady I bought them from told me that once the pickles were gone, I should save the jar and juice and drop in my own desired ingredients. After a night in the fridge, upside down – I failed to ask why, we will have a whole new jar of pickled delights. Yeah! For David anyway.

From there I moved on and saw a vendor selling the ever popular Kettel Corn. I like to watch them make it but I am more of a salt and butter gal on my popcorn instead of the sweet offering of Kettel Corn.

After that, I checked out the pumpkin scene. As I have failed to put up any Halloween decorations thus far though, I though it might be premature to bring home an orange gourd.

Moving along I came to a table of preserves from Falling Waters. I couldn’t resist sampling and walked away with an 8 oz. jar of Sweet Potato Butter. It is reminiscent of apple butter and yummy!

Tired from my walking and sampling I sat and listened to the band playing some blue grass and then I headed home.

Like I said, this was the last Farmer’s Market until April next year. However, there is a Holiday Market on December 8. According to the website, the “festival is a combination of locally grown fresh produce, baked goods, homemade preserves, hot food and hand crafted gifts.” Check it out, Christmas will be here before you know it!

Speaking of which, what is on your list to Santa Claus?


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