Saturday Sale-ing


How do you make a come back after being out of the blogging loop for a long time? Why, talk about shopping of course!

Last Saturday David suggested he would be up for going to a couple of garage sales with me. I was thrilled.  Since about May, I have been dragging home abandoned pieces of furniture. See below:

Or this one:

Or even this one:

I have mentioned before that I love certain things about South Carolina. One of them is that people just toss things out in front of their house when they don’t want them anymore. The table, dresser and chair were all abandoned. There is nothing structurally wrong with the table, the dresser is from 1892 (with a note inside to prove it) and the chair (aka The Teal Chair) has nothing wrong with it either!

So back to my Saturday Sale-ing:

I got all of the above items for a grand total of $53. I love free but, I love some good garage sale, estate sale and flea market finds too!

Fall is a good time of year for these three shoppers’ delights. What treasures and deals have you found lately?

If you are looking locally for these Shoppers’ Delights, checkout The Post and Courier for garage and estate sale listings or head out to the Relics Flea & Craft Market on Highway 17 going towards Savannah but before Ravenel and after Bees Ferry.


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