Corks, Plumbing Supplies and Trivets


Ever wondered what to do with all of those corks? If you are like me and appreciate the vino, and have always found it hard to toss your corks (that sounds funny doesn’t it), then this is the post for you.

Your corks can quickly be made into a trivet – that thing you place between a hot pan and your kitchen counter. This particular trivet though can also be used to elevate your beverage container off the counter so you can get your glass under the spigot for a refill!

You start with what my Lowe’s receipt descriptively calls a “clamp.” Just go to the plumbing aisle of your favorite big box store (or your local hardware store if you eschew the big box). You will easily find this thing. This particular clamp is seven inches across.

Next, take your corks and start placing them inside the clamp. I went with an alternating design of red and white corks. I have a lot of corks from when I was in Italy and didn’t want to hide all of them inside the clamp. So, I took the new fangled foam ones that I don’t particularly care for and put their sponginess to good use to contrast against the red tipped corks.

Then, get yourself a screw driver (flathead for this one) and tighten that clamp down. You may have to make it pretty tight. I found a few corks wanted to fall out. So I tightened a good amount and kind of molded the whole thing in my hands a bit to distribute the pressure more evenly among all the corks.

One Trivet down.

After a second trivet, your beverage container should be at a decent height to get some cups (depending on how tall they are) under the spigot.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY session!


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