Last Friday Charlaine Harris was in town promoting her new book, Deadlocked. Some of you may be wondering, who is that? Ever heard of True Blood? Harris’ books about a gal named Sookie Stackhouse inspired that series.

Set in Northern Louisana, the adventurous and often humorous series explores what happens when the dead (aka vampires), who have been secretly living among us, go public. Sookie is a telepath and a bar maid at a local bar in small town Bon Temps. She soon begins dating a vampire and well, her life is never the same.

I have my best friend Sunshine to thank for turning me on to this series. First it was the Harry Potter books back in the day that she got me hooked on. Now, I am a Sookie fan as well. Sunshine sent me the first six books for my birthday last year.  I followed that up with buying the remaining six myself.

Anyway, last Friday Harris came to the local Barnes and Noble on Sam Rittenberg and held a thirty minute question and answer session. Very interesting to hear about her inspirations, her writing schedule and her thoughts on True Blood – all good!

As you can see. I was not the only one in attendance.

Afterwards she signed books. It was quite a wait, a couple of hours. I was the last person to get my signed. Is that an accomplishment? I felt kind of cool.

Sometimes up close photos are just better in black and white you know.

Well, I have now read all twelve books. There is only one more left and it doesn’t come out until next year! Tell me loyal readers, what series should I read next? Any suggestions anyone?


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