A Day By The House With The Light In It


They call them lighthouses but I like to say it is a house with a light in it. We have our own famous one here in the James Island/Folly Beach area. It is called the Morris Island Lighthouse. It even has Friends – and no, that’s not a Facebook reference.

To get to the lighthouse you have to drive to Folly  Beach, on Folly Road, past all those cute places and artwork I showed you yesterday. Follow Folly to the end and then hang a left on East Ashley Avenue. Then, you drive. And you drive some more. It is a good distance out to the end of East Ashley. Then you park and walk.

It is a beautiful walk down, at first, a paved road, and then you open out on the beach and walk even more. We have been several times and took the dogs there a couple months ago.

It was dog heaven.

There were birds everywhere. The flying kind and . . .

the nesting kind. This lady was not too please about us discovering her hiding place.

Then there was this guy. As you can see he had only one leg.

Then of course we saw this dolphin or is it a porpoise?

FYI, I did not know that that is how you spell porpoise. I have always called them dolphins and never troubled myself with the spelling of the other. Now I know and so do you.

So anyway, it was a good day. The dogs romped, we walked and we saw the house with the light in it. You should go see it for yourself and if you already have, go see it again. It’s worth it.


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