Folly Beach


I mentioned yesterday that I spent some time on Folly Bach on Easter Sunday with family. Mostly I told you about Rita’s but as I got to looking at my pictures I wanted you to see what else there is on Folly.
Folly Beach is, as the name suggest, a beach town. Having grown up in California I lived for a time in a small beach town called Cambria. Known for it “Pines by the Sea,” I loved Cambria. Small and welcoming, it was and I am sure still is, an oasis of calm amidst the ever growing and chaotic California coastline.
Folly, the Edge of America, has a different flavor though. It is, if possible, even smaller. A convenient four lane road known as Folly Road, imagine that, quickly becomes a two lane road as you pass over a bridge and enter into Folly city limits.
From there, the main strip seems like it is maybe a mile long before you reach the beach. Along the way though, you can sense Folly’s style.
It is what everyone says around Charleston; it is where the locals go and the locals in Charleston have a lot of flavor. No where is that better represented than by the colors, the buildings and the artwork around town.
What I have shown you is only a small taste of what Folly Beach has in store for the locals, and the guests.
If you are looking for some fun in the sun when you come to Charleston this Summer, make sure you spend a day at Folly!

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