What I Saw Today


At first glance it might not be entirely clear what that picture to the left is. I will tell you. That is a Cocker Spaniel walking across the street. He was dutifully following his owners today when he dropped his toy as they crossed the street. So, as he was moving along, he picked it back up and went on rolling down the street.

There is a reason I have started with the pooch photo but you have to wait to the end to find out. Don’t scroll down to the bottom now! Wait for it.

So, first I saw the Cocker Spaniel. Then, I saw the fountain in a park and people walking around it.

After that, I saw some people pushing their baby in a buggy.

Then I saw kids playing in the fountain.

And of course, since this is Charleston and it is a destination place for weddings, I saw a bride getting her bridal portrait made.

I come full circle here though because it all paled in comparison to the pooch. What you didn’t see in the first photo was . . .

that he was truly rolling along.

Never underestimate the enduring spirit of a dog. As we were all enjoying the beautiful day, he joined in on a walk with his owners and didn’t let his lack of operable hind legs slow him down.


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