Now & Then


Candy for the soul. That is how I think of this book by Jacqueline Sheehan. A lot of candy, for the body or soul, is not good. However, I think that you have to have a little candy Now & Then. A good fiction book can be like candy for the soul. This book has a message but it also has time travel, a heroine, a hero, dogs and a bit of a love story too.

The main character, Anna O’Shea, in the midst of a family brouhaha, finds herself thrust back in time to nineteenth-century Ireland with her nephew. That would be her first problem. Second problem: She knows her nephew is back in time with her but does not know where he is in Ireland. While she experiences true poverty, and finds love, he begins a journey of maturity in a privileged world. Third problem: How to get home from the past, with a nephew that is reluctant to leave, without disrupting her current and past family member’s lives.

In addition to all of that, the Irish Wolfhound breed, and a particular Irish Wolfhound named Madigan, are a strong presence in the book. Being a fan of the idea of time travel and having a great appreciation for the Irish Wolfhound breed, this book was a real treat. The book’s message of embracing your past and moving forward with your life and packaged in this fictional format is indeed candy for the should.

So, the next time you are looking for a good book, remember a little candy is good for you, Now & Then.


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