A Range?


I told y’all about my walks to work in the morning. Well, I also get out and stretch my legs at lunch.

So, the other day I was walking down East Bay and I got to Vendue – I know, funny name but wait it gets funnier.

Now, I had always assumed it was a Street, a Lane, a Road. You know something traditional. For what ever reason I happened to glance at the sign and imagine my surprise . . .

Range? Isn’t that a thing in your kitchen? I was having a  moment like I did when I first encountered the Package store.

Let me know if you have any strange names other than the traditional Streets, Lanes, Roads etc in your town!


About Southern Adventuress

Transplant from California now living in Charleston, South Carolina after getting married in September 2010 to a Southerner. Join me as I reinvent my house on a strict budget, navigate the streets of my city; meet the challenges of pet ownership; and delve into education after institutional learning.

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