Last Thursday night my mom and I went to Bambu in Mt. Pleasant with some friends. It was “Ladies Night” at Bambu. A perfect night to be out with friends as the temperature was in the low 70s and there was no humidity. We sat in the patio area. That is some of it you see pictured above.

I say “some” because there is a lot of great, outdoor seating. Clearly, the owners of this place put a lot of thought into the out of doors dining experience. Complete with a bar, private booths,

well placed lighting and flowing drapes, the outdoors is married nicely with indoor comfort.

Of course the indoors isn’t disappointing either. Those jelly fish looking lights are da’ bomb. I have a fascination with lighting lately. You would not believe how hard it is to find good lamp shades in this town!

Another cool touch was this fountain. Some of the booths are centered around them. Our waitress told us the water was supposed to be clear but I thought it was kind of neat that it was cloudy. It looked mysterious.

As for the food, unfortunately I have no pictures to share with you because I was too busy trying the lettuce wraps, pot stickers, edamame, california rolls and spicy tuna rolls. Lest you think I polished all of that off on my own, I did indeed share . . .

with the lady pictured here. That is my mom by the way. She protested me capturing her image at first with her glasses on but I thought she looked cute with them. So, she graciously agreed to rest them back upon the bridge of her nose and I caught her and her great smile!

Anyway, Bambu in Mount Pleasant – make sure you stop by! Good atmosphere, good food and good wine too!


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