Over or Underestimation?


Before I dropped off the face of the planet last week I told you about picking up the girls and going to the South Carolina Aquarium. When Wednesday night rolled around, I realized I had over estimated, or maybe under estimated, my ability to be a tour guide to teenagers and then blog about it in the evenings.

After the many adventures that filled the day, which will be detailed in this post, I found myself in bed exhausted that night. I was unable to form coherent sentences, let alone anything creative enough to keep y’all entertained.  So, I return a week later ready to pick up where last we parted. Wednesday . . .

Seeking solace from the hot, hot, hot weather last Wednesday, the girls and I donned our swimsuits, packed our towels, and headed to the James Island County Park’s Splash Zone Waterpark. I will admit when we first arrived I was not impressed. At least, not impressed on the girls’ behalf.

My first thought was that if they were six and seven this would be perfect but this is not big enough for a twelve year old and a thirteen year old from Orlando, Florida. However, the girls were not put off by the park’s initial appearance of catering to a younger crowd and they soon had me accompanying them on one of the two big water slides the park has (while, the green tube was operational that day, the tan tube was unfortunately closed).

The girls had a blast. That is them above. Arms and legs flailing as they hit the pool of water after descending down the green tube. FYI – these water slides don’t have any cool names like The Hulk or Half Pipe. I think the Splash Zone Waterpark should have a contest and get the kids to name the slides.

Anyway, after mastering the curves of the Hulk (that is what I am going to call the green water slide), the girls beat a path to the other slide area.

Definitely meant for a more youthful clientele but the girls enjoyed climbing and descending as much as their shorter and less seasoned counter parts.

Once exploration of this kiddie play land was complete, we crossed over to the Lazy River. Boasting  a waterfall and rapids (that you can bypass if you want) this River allowed us to experience tubing in style. With comfy tubes to float on, we traveled its course several times before drying off and heading home.

Since the day was not yet over, we showered and went downtown to the King Street shopping area. After exploring, what seemed like, every nook and cranny of Forever 21, we headed up King Street and stopped in at the Shops at Charleston Place where I also showed the girls the Charleston Place Hotel. We walked through it to its somewhat hidden entrance on the back side of King Street and found this fabulous water fountain.

After continuing further up King Street, we happened upon Robot Candy Company, “purveyors of all things delightful” – as their website says. Definitely stop in here if you are on King. They have some of the best sour gummy worms I have ever had! Plus, they offer many other yummy candies, games and fun gifts.

Apart from some wonderful tacos, if I do say so myself, for dinner that night, our day came to  a close and we fell asleep tired and full from our adventures.


About Southern Adventuress

Transplant from California now living in Charleston, South Carolina after getting married in September 2010 to a Southerner. Join me as I reinvent my house on a strict budget, navigate the streets of my city; meet the challenges of pet ownership; and delve into education after institutional learning.

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