Now You . . .



See it.

Now . . .

You . . .


Or wait is that it?

No, not the dog. But yes, that is the tree she is laying on.

On Saturday, two guys from Cruz came and removed the prostrate beauty from our yard. It was fun to watch it get cut up and hauled off. Though, I am sure the two guys doing the work were less than impressed to have us observing them while they worked. They worked diligently though and soon the large tree that once graced our back yard in an upright fashion was mulched and in our front yard lining the right side of our driveway. An area that has proven unwelcoming to grass and very hospitable to mud.

This tree saga is not over yet however. Be sure to check back for updates as we have discovered that another tree in our backyard it rotten and that one in our front yard also has root rot like the one that was mulched on Saturday. Stay tuned, it will be interesting!


About Southern Adventuress

Transplant from California now living in Charleston, South Carolina after getting married in September 2010 to a Southerner. Join me as I reinvent my house on a strict budget, navigate the streets of my city; meet the challenges of pet ownership; and delve into education after institutional learning.

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