Charleston Bucket List


[Guest Post: Christie’s husband, the Southern Gent]

Christie asked me to guest post today because she is at summer camp.  In walking through our empty house (except for the roaming wild animals we sometimes call pets), I thought about the last time we had guests.  It was a fun time and we randomly ended up at a roller derby game.  We like guests, especially those that don’t stay long.  And, it always gives me an excuse to go out to dinner and be a tourist in my own town.  Hence, I give you…

Top 10 Things I Want To Do In Charleston At The Moment

1. Attend the Charleston Film Festival – This year is the fourth annual Charleston International Film Festival.  Sounds fancy, I know.  I wonder if it is the kind of place where you drink with your pinky out.  I’m usually not into Indie films, but what the heck.  The festival is actually going on this weekend.  Sadly, I won’t be in attendance this year because of other engagements.  However, there is always next May if you’re visiting.  By the way, a friend of mine is one of the finalists in the screenplay competition this year. Go Adam!

2. Eat at HuskHusk is a new restaurant in Charleston that everyone is talking about.  When you mention it, people say “oh, I heard about that.”  So, I guess it has to be good if people have heard about it, never mind that whole advertising thing businesses do.  The new eatery is on Queen street near the classic restaurant Poogan’s Porch.  Who knows if the food at Husk will be good, I suspect so, but I’ve heard enough about people hearing about it to give it a shot.   The food is supposedly all southern themed, with a cool bar there as well.

3. Go Shrimping for a Day on a Shrimp Boat – I’m not sure if one can pay to be a shrimp captain for a day, but I’ll look into it before you come visit. I know the Mclellanville area does a lot of shrimping so that is a good place to start. The neighboring town also has the Low Country Shrimp Festival and Blessing of the Fleet each year. I am sure with a little networking, I can find the right guy to make me Bubba Gump. I went out on a very small shrimp boat once in the Panhandle of Florida and it was amazing.  It is incredible to see a net coming from out of the ocean with shrimp, fish, and all kinds of things in it.  Going through each catch is an adventure, you get a little rush. At least I did.  Not to mention that fresh shrimp is delicious.

4. Kayak in Tidal Creeks – I’ve done my share of kayaking before, but not so much in tidal creeks. There are likely hundreds of miles of creeks around here begging to be explored.  I saw the other day that Kayaks can be rented at the Mt. Pleasant Palmetto Island County Park.  The Park’s boat launch area is right in the middle of a tidal creek.

5. VIP at the Charleston Comedy Festival – I love stand up comedy.  I have a lot of respect for someone who can face a bunch of drunks and hecklers, win them over, all while keeping the rest of us engaged for more than five minutes. I also have this thing for being VIP at events.  I’m not not sure if this festival offers VIP tickets, but maybe someone at the shrimp festival discussed above will also know a guy that can take care of this as well.  Most of the time I just talk about being VIP at events, but never fork out the change in the end. I like the whole idea of reserved seating, “complementary” food and beverage, and neat name tags or lanyards. Ok, maybe not the last thing.  I’ve been to the Charleston Comedy festival a few times, but never as a VIP.  Let me know if you feel like laughing next January, and I’ll try to make the arrangements.

6. Frankie’s Fun Park –  Frankie’s is a small amusement park in North Charleston.  I was supposed to have my birthday party at Frankie’s a few years ago.  And yes I am an adult. However, the event was sadly rained out.  Frankies has go cart racing, a driving range, batting cage, and all the other things an 11 year old would be giddy about.

7. Boone Hall BBQ Championship and Bluegrass Festival – What  can I say, I like BBQ, and I hear blue grass music helps soothe heartburn. It is the perfect combination. Ketchup based, mustard based, vinegar based, it doesn’t matter.  Come on down to the low country and we will try them all.  Tangy food and twangy music y’all.

8. Sailing Lessons – The College of Charleston offers sailing lessons that I would like to take.  I have been out on a sail boat a few times, but hate not knowing what I am doing.  When I am out, the crew is usually racing, which means a lot of yelling.  That is not an ideal learning environment for me. Christie is actually a great crew member, as I have seen her in action in a few races.  I’d like to catch up to her speed, so I enjoy it a little more, and get yelled at less (Christie is not the one yelling).  There are just so many ropes, and I was never a boy scout.  You see the dilemma, right? I don’t really know how you as my guest would fit into this. Maybe after I complete the sailing lessons, I’ll buy a sailboat and then we’ll go out into the high seas.

9. Jet Ski in the Ocean –  I’m sure most of you have been on a jet ski, See-Doo, or some other aquatic motor vehicle. I enjoy the motorcraft arts, especially in lakes.  However, I am curious what it would be like in the ocean.  I have this idea of catching big air off of waves and doing gnarly tricks.  What could go wrong?  Come along, but make sure your life insurance is up to date.  I see that we can rent these fun crafts almost any day at Folly Beach.

10. First Flush – I am talking tea not toilets folks.  This is a G rated post, people. The Tea thressing festival called First Flush is held every year at the Charleston Tea Plantation. “First Flush refers to the first tea harvest of the year. It’s this time of year when Mother Nature [or bees] awakens the Tea Plants and another growing season begins. This ‘First Flush’ is Nature’s very special gift to The Charleston Tea Plantation and we celebrate the new harvest every year with a full day of great music, food, fun and of course the only tea grown in America.” Apart from that au naturale blurb on their website, I hear this is always a great time.

So that is it for now folks.  You’ll likely find yourself doing one of these things if you come for a visit, a very short visit.

–          S.G.


About Southern Adventuress

Transplant from California now living in Charleston, South Carolina after getting married in September 2010 to a Southerner. Join me as I reinvent my house on a strict budget, navigate the streets of my city; meet the challenges of pet ownership; and delve into education after institutional learning.

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  1. Southern Gentleman, we would love to come down and help you with your bucket list. Haven’t shown it to Donnie yet, but looked over it myself and found many things I would love to do. Some I would like to do, but probably couldn’t take Rylie. So here is my bucket list from yours. Let us know the dates and maybe we can make some plans. 🙂
    Frankie’s Fun Park
    Boone Hall BBQ & Bluegrass
    First Flush
    These looked the most kid friendly. A few more I really liked, but wasn’t sure how a 2yr old would behave. 🙂

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