Heels, Wheels, and Meals


Really the only thing a review of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond needs to say is, read this book! ThePioneerWoman.com was introduced to me through another blog I happened upon one day. Something in the title “Pioneer Woman” appealed to the urban dwelling, frontier suppressed, feminine side of myself. I signed up to receive her “Confessions” blog via e-mail and quickly got sucked into the hilarity of her ranch dwelling lifestyle mixed with kids, fashion, gardens, photography, and of course her Marlboro Man.

I had set a goal for myself back in October to read at least one good for me book a month. So, when I discovered Drummond had a book I figured a modern romance of a city gal gone country was just the thing. I could learn something from a romance right? After retrieving it from the library one fine afternoon I was immediately sucked in (how could you not want to read a book with a cover like that?) and found myself laughing at least once a page as she chronicled an almost three year period of her life when she left LA, made a pit-stop in her home town on her way to Chicago, and met a type of man this self-professed boy crazy woman had never dated – the cowboy! Though the story is not a fairy tale – there is fire, financial worries, divorce, the passing of a loved one, you know, stuff that happens in life – Drummond’s ability to spin a witty and colorful yarn keeps you reading through facials gone bad, bovine rectal thermometers, and a honey-moon filled with passion and well . . . vomit.

Having grown up with a cowboy for a father I definitely have a soft spot for all things Western and Wrangler related, which gives me a special appreciation for the nuances of this city-slicker turned ranch wife’s tale. The story though is not only for those born or gone country. It is for all woman who love to laugh, especially at the mundane things in life and the curve balls it can throw you, and appreciate a good love story thrown into the recipe.

Although I am late to the barn raisin’ and the collective hollering of yee-haw for this read, I am happy to jump on the wagon and be fan number whatever! Drummond just released a third book, Charlie The Ranch Dog – Heels was her second, she will have a cooking show on the Food Network starting in August, and apparently there is even a movie in the works out there to put Heels on the Big Screen. Clearly this lady of laughs already has quite the following. But, for those of you who have not happened upon this frontier foodie yet, make sure you look her up at ThePioneerWoman.com, and of course, read this book (you can even start reading it online if you want)!


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