Park Touring


David and I have been doing a little touring of Charleston the last two weekends. We are regular attendees at the James Island County Park where there is a fabulous dog park complete with a pond  just for the dogs! Well, not really but I am quite certain that every dog that goes there is under the impression that the pond is just for them. Ayway, feeling the need to branch out we decided to use our Gold Pass that gets us into all the County Parks and spent Easter Sunday afternoon at Palmetto Islands County Park in Mount Pleasant.

Like the park on James Island, Palmetto Islands has some great paved trails and a few unpaved trails. There is also a dog park and while it is not as cool as the one on James Island, the dogs did not care. The park also has this great observation tower that takes you above the tree line and once you climb the many stairs to the top, you are rewarded with a spectacular view of the surrounding area. I did not have my cell phone or my rubber banded camera so, no picture to entice you but you should definitely check it out if you are in the area! They also rent kayaks and have a good  launch pad into water that is a much better option than going kayaking in the water at James Island County Park. Remember when I said that the dogs think they own the pond there? Yeah, not real excited about jumping in the water there.

With such a successful outing the weekend before we decided to try North Charleston Wannamaker County Park. After driving thirty minutes to get there we arrived and were happy that we were able to find a place to park. Unbeknowst to us, apparently this park is the place to be!

There were people everywhere near the main part of the park. We were curious why this place was so popular because our park on James Island is only this crowded during the Festival of Lights. Then we happened upon this sign and that explained it all!

I mean, if you’ve got a Fun Lot, they will come! So many of them come in fact that they have to limit themselves:

Since we did not bring our picnic basket, we put the leashes on the dogs . . .

and a backpack for Dixie – someone has to transport the water for us – and headed down the paved trail.

Eventually we found an unpaved trail and also found that we had left all the people behind. It seems they really were there mostly for the picnic tables.

We saw beautiful sights.

Romantic places to sit.

Ponds with children paddling about . . . and signs warning of alligators.

And more signs warning us of alligators.

Now, why this sign needs to include a request to “not disturb” is beyond me. “Alligator nesting grounds ahead” does not exactly seem like a place you would want to go investigate, let alone “disturb,” but hey, people do crazy things. I mean, there were other signs warning you to limit yourself to three picnic tables.

Well, as you can see, Laddie was eager to keep on going underneath the yellow caution crime scene tape but we put the kabosh on that and headed away from this area. Eventually we found our way to the dog park.

This one is also not as cool as the dog park at James Island but Laddie did not care.

Alas, our day had to come to an end and we loaded up the dogs to head home.


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