Sawing Skills


You may recall my post from the other day about Laddie and Dixie, Helping in the Yard. Well, during that day I developed what I like to call  “sawing skills.”

It all started out quite innocently enough with the trimming of some bushes along the back fence line that had grown up into the tree above the bushes. After some initial sawing and a couple of yanks yielded no results I was forced to take more drastic measures. Before I knew it, I was climbing the tree like I was ten and hanging out with my cousins again.

Picture it, a girl, a tree and a hand saw. What could be more natural?

So, there I was peacefully sawing away while sitting on that big branch above when the older neighbor (who belongs to that large garage and not the neighbor who lives in the house you see) flung open his sliding glass door and announced that I was sure to break my neck and that he would come assist me. His wife then appeared on the back porch and when she saw me continuing to saw as her husband marched purposefully to the large garage she told me, “You better wait for him.”

After a few minutes her husband emerged from the depths of his cavernous garage with his electric saw in hand. Crossing the lawn towards my fence he stepped over it and set to work on the bushes himself. This was going along just fine until he got his saw caught in the chain link fence. It kicked up towards his face and while it really never came very close to his face, I started to get a little concerned. It took him several moments to tighten the chain back around the saw and he dutifully set to work again. While we chatted, this process repeated itself two more times and after the second time I took to standing back a few extra feet. He made me just as nervous as I am sure he felt when he looked out his window and saw me perched in a tree.

Eventually this neighborly exchange came to an end and I thanked him as he stepped over the fence once again and returned to his manly mecca where his electric saw lives. I whacked on a couple more bushes and then decided to set my sights on a tree in our yard that David and I had discussed removing. As the electric saw thing had worked out so well for the neighbor, I decided to give it a shot. David’s dad had brought down an electric when he came to visit and up to this point it had been dwelling on our garage floor wrapped in a couple of brown paper bags and a black plastic bag just for good measure. I unwrapped it, plugged it in, and set out for the back yard with purpose.

I surveyed my prey and dragged up long buried knowledge gained from living in a saw mill town while growing up and decided I would start cutting on the side closest to the house first because that was the direction I wanted it to fall. The other directions involved fences or big tree limbs overhanging the middle of the yard that this tree would be sure to get caught in once it succumbed to gravity. I got about a third of the way through and then started in on the other side.

It was during one of my breaks while cutting the other side that I noticed something. Now, it is not real clear in the picture to the left but there is a little black knob there and on the top of that knob is the unmistakable symbol for oil. Why it never occurred to me that this gadget needs oil just like the mowing machine, I will never know. In my defense though, my electric operated hedge trimmer does not require oil. At least, I don’t think it does. Hmmm? Anyway, I decided to call David to see if this contraption would take the same oil that the lawn mower does. Thank goodness I did because I had been about two seconds away from putting 4-cycle engine oil (whatever that means) into something that probably requires 2-cycle oil (again, whatever that means).

What this ultimately meant for me was that I was back to the hand saw. Picture it, a girl, a tree, and a hand saw! Much to my surprise after a few zealous motions across the base of the trunk and a good shove, it came crashing down – just shy of the deck and missing both dogs that were in the yard at the time too! Now that the thing was down though I had to use that hand saw to trim off all the branches. Check out that link and you will see what I mean by all the branches.

Look at those sawing skills!

So, I went out to the yard at ten and came in at three because once that tree was down and delimbed all that had to be drug to the front yard and placed at the curb. Sawing skills then gave way to dragging and piling skills.

There it is my pile of bushes and limbs! And where does all that stuff go you might ask yourself? Well, that is another story for another day.


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Transplant from California now living in Charleston, South Carolina after getting married in September 2010 to a Southerner. Join me as I reinvent my house on a strict budget, navigate the streets of my city; meet the challenges of pet ownership; and delve into education after institutional learning.

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